Welcome to your Free Evaluation

  1. I seek feedback as a way of understanding who I really am as a person. 

2. Generally, I work better when I'm under pressure.

3. If you don't expect much out of yourself, you will never succeed. 

4. I could keep my wits about me if I were lost in the woods at night.

5. When tackling a new project, I concentrate on big ideas rather than the details.

6. Other people know where I stand on controversial issues. 

7. Neatness is important to me.

8. I prefer to follow my heart rather than my head.

9. I value positive and negative opinions from others. 

10. I would risk my life if it meant lasting world peace.

11. I rarely live up to my high standards.

12. I think it's best to order something new when eating in a restaurant.

13. I've had enough experience to know what I need to do most of the time without trying to figure it out from scratch every time.

14. I openly share my feelings with others.

15. I am good at staying focused on what's happening in the present.

Thank you for taking our Free Evaluation