Better Your Best®



(We come to you) Create your own custom Seminar. Learning and application of the 5 Success Indicators can be achieved through classroom instruction, experiential learning, or both. We offer half day, full day and weekend seminars customized to your unique, individual needs.


(You come to us) Ultimate Experience The BYB® Ultimate Experience is a 1-day in-person training opportunity. BYB is a science-based system designed to help you find and Own the Zone in your performance arena of choice. Led by BYB Founders, Dr. Debbie Crews and Judi Adams, you will encounter mental performance strategies that complement your technical training. We start with a full BYB Evaluation and then present the opportunity to engage in performance arenas outside your main interest (archery, darts, putting, horses, virtual reality, bowling, etc.). This allows you to discover your response patterns to common challenges without the expectations that may have developed over time. Once discovered, we guide you to Take Charge of this knowledge and apply it in your primary performance arena. We help you develop unique strategies that will ensure you can Excel Under Pressure and propel you to success at the next level. Why wait – sign up now! Time Investment: 1 days


(BYBB TO GO) Stay at home and experience the power of the Better Your Best® program. BYB comes in a bucket or box with everything you need to design a personal mental performance strategy. First, take the Comprehensive Evaluation and receive your Summary Report. Then, easy instructions, (written modules and/or video) walk you through each of the 5 Success Indicators to Take Charge, Own the Zone and Excel Under Pressure. We have 30+ modules but you go at your own pace! Start at the suggested beginning and work your way through or use the Solutions to Common Challenges Matrix to maximize the impact. BYB in a Bucket/box trains you to lead yourself! Once completed, schedule a phone session to guide you through further application of this knowledge to your primary performance arena. Time Investment: at your own pace

Debbie Crews Ph.D.

One on One with Debbie Crews Ph.D.
In person or on the phone. One hour to connect with Debbie and get a little advice.

Judi Adams

One on One with Judi Adams
In person or on the phone. One hour to connect with Judi and get a little advice.


We have a set of books, Energy In Motion. They are books about performance and mastering the sport they are titled for. Work on your mental game and performance. Also, a book written by Crews Ph.D. and link for Judi Adams' book.


Purchase extra questionnaires or complete just the questionnaires without the entire program.

The BETTER YOUR BEST® (BYB) Program is a science based mental performance system that complements your technical training and is an indispensable component for anyone seeking success in any performance arena. 

Our BYB Program incorporates 5 sessions built around the BYB Success Indicators:

Adventure                                                Authenticity

Connection                                              Courage

Forward Focus

The Comprehensive Evaluation correlates to the success indicators and summarizes your results in the following areas:

Authenticity                         Courage                              Intuition

Leadership                          Mindfulness                      Positive/ Negative Affect

Sensations Seeking             Perfectionism

Our Characteristic Evaluation summarizes key attributes:

Left vs Right Brain                        Learning Style

Perception of Success               Situational Motivation

Coping Strategies

The BYB Index allows you to track your mental performance progress over time.

All the evaluations include the results of our elite baseline for reference. After you receive an in-depth summary of your assessment, you will embark on an experiential learning path of self-discovery that will solidify the key components of each element.  While our program provides an advanced presentation of mental performance strategies and training specific to your area of interest, we have also developed experiences that take you away from the comfort of your primary performance arena.  In a novel environment you are free to respond  to unique situations — natural innovation and creativity are encouraged, unhindered by expectations developed over time. Our use of horses as an emotional mirror has been praised by participants as amazing a-ha moments of truth and highlighted in Golf Digest’s article, Courses with Horses.  ( We give insight into personal leadership through an archery experience that clarifies the steps to taking charge of your journey. Golf putting and darts zone in on YOUR forward focus patterns that serve YOUR performance and rise above distractions and discomfort. Rhythm and Timing are critical to all performance and you will experience getting back in sync when distraction arrives. Neurofeedback (brain) training teaches you the skill of getting into the zone at will. All of these learning experiences are summarized and applied in YOUR performance arena during the final session.