Better Your Best® Team

Judi Adams,
X2 Olympian

 Judi Adams is a two-time Olympic athlete who, after the heart       breaking boycott of 1980 persevered against the odds to realize her dream in 1996 as a member of the U.S. Olympic archery team that competed in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon reflection of her philosophy on coaching and leadership, Judi became aware that the foundational tenets of leadership that she holds dear were actually developed on the archery field with her personal coach and mentor and that the steps to shooting a bow correlate to balanced performance in any arena.

Judi Adams recently founded Seeking Center, LLC after an extensive corporate leadership career. During her corporate career at a Fortune 500 Financial Services company, Judi demonstrated a passion for leadership — building diverse, collaborative teams capable of delivering unprecedented results benefitting all constituents (employee, customer and shareholder). Judi has received numerous awards for leadership that attest to her strong will, competitive spirit and collaborative approach to winning. Judi partnering with Debbie Crews, her Sports Psychologist, parlays her expertise in leadership coaching along with competitive athletic experience in the creation of the Better Your Best® system.

Achievements and expertise

An accomplished public speaker, certified coach and certified training facilitator, Judi has demonstrated the ability to accelerate skill development in others. Her archery achievements include, gold, silver and bronze medals in high level competitions like World Championships, World Games, International World Cups, National Championships, and Olympic Festivals. She was a 4-year Collegiate All-American and was a member of the National Team for fourteen years. All these achievements pale in comparison to the knowledge and wisdom she gained on the journey toward an Olympic medal. While not achieved, she can safely say that “not winning” has defined her character and challenged her to work through adversity in pursuit of the infinite future of possibility


Debbie Crews,

 Dr. Debbie Crews is the Founder and CEO of Opti International, a neurofeedback company for performance optimization. OPTI stands for Optimal Performance Through Integration and has the goal to help you “Better Your Best” performance. She is also a Sport Psychology Consultant for the Arizona State University (ASU) Women’s Golf Team and an Adjunct Faculty in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at ASU. Her research in attention and sport performance for the past 30+ years led to the creation of Opti International. She is a Master Professional in the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) and serves on the LPGA National Education and Research Board. Debbie was the Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf, the one research organization for golf. She founded the International Journal of Golf Science (published by Human Kinetics) and she was the Editor of the journal from 2012-2014. Her research has also included special needs populations for the past 25 years. Numerous studies and service programs have helped children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD, depression, anxiety, etc.

Education and research

As a scholar Debbie has studied the behavioral, cognitive, and psychophysiological variables that lead to optimal performance. Specifically she has studied attention during performance, examining brain and heart activity, both of which are indicators of attentional focus. During the final seconds prior to performing the motion, these are the only measures that accurately assess if the performer is in an “automatic” state for optimal performance. She has been able to define this successful state and has used biofeedback training to facilitate learning to produce this state. Her research has been published in research journals (i.e., Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise), in published proceedings (i.e., Science and Golf II, III, and IV), in applied journals (i.e., Scholastic Coach), and in the popular press (Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal).

NBC Dateline and Scientific American Frontier have illustrated stories about Debbie’s research. She received the first Science in Golf Award from Golf Magazine (2001) for her research on choking. Collaborative ventures include several studies on the “yips” in golf with the Mayo Clinic, an imagery study using fMRI measures with the University of Chicago, and a vision/EEG study in conjunction with the University of Calgary. Her research has led to the design and patenting of a golf putter that aids in alignment, balance and performance and to a patented feedback system for performance enhancement.

As an applied sport psychology consultant, Debbie has assisted the ASU Women’s Golf Team since 1979 and the ASU Men’s Golf Team from 2007-2012. In addition, she has assisted many LPGA and PGA professionals as well as elite amateur golfers. Debbie has published in numerous research and applied journals; has presented at over 100 professional, invited, and public meetings; and has solicited over 25 grants and funding donations for her research over the past 30+ years.


"I know what I am doing! I know why I am doing it! I know that I can do it! This is called “confidence!” " Energy In Motion, Debbie Crews Ph.D.