Better Your Best in a Box

All the components to Better Your Best performance are included in your box.

Your core movement patterns and your core personality will emerge through the surveys and activities. Adjustments in movement and personality can be accomplished easier in The Box activities, and then applied to your primary performance arena.

The first step to complete a set of surveys that will take about 30 min. You will receive a summary of your scores a long with our elite BYB performers. Recommendations to Better Your Best will be provided.

Easy instructions walk you through activities to take charge, own the zone and excel under pressure. The instructions are on cards included in the box or on video QR code included.

Highlight your accomplishments and define your Forward Focus to continue to Better Your Best performance.

This Box includes interactive mental training with special tools included and an Opti Subscription with a Muse Headset. This brain training tool teaches you the skill of creating your zone at will! You can use it sitting quietly or during your performance. It is especially effective in your most challenging situations.



*if you already own a headset with Opti please use coupon code Ihaveopti *

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in


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