You approach each day with fascination, open to life’s ever present input, interpreting obstacles as challenges to move you forward and believing in your system’s ability to manage the process to Better Your Best®! You have a curiosity that keeps you open and allows you to grow and to take calculated risks. Every experience is a learning opportunity regardless of the outcome. You have a hardiness and sensation seeking style that puts no limits on your path to Better Your Best®!
You are true to your core being and passionate about your possibilities. You demonstrate integrity in thought and action and know that your unique self can Better Your Best®. You find joy and pride in being exceptional outside the norm, preferring to work from a position of innovation, creativity and newness. While motivated by the success of others, you compare your actions and results to your own goals and intentions, preferring to intrinsically regulate your own intensity and direction and Better Your Best®.
You are in a relationship with Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment, receiving stimuli from all to achieve synergy. You have the ability to selectively connect your inside and outside worlds to create synergy and Better Your Best®. In tune with you multiple senses, including your 6th sense (intuition), you leverage this myriad of information to evaluate all conditions and make clear decisions to accomplish and exceed your intentions. You connect to Better Your Best®.
You are the CEO of your life, in charge, authoritative, committed and courageous. You set challenging goals knowing they will be achieved. You possess the courage to be out in front, to break boundaries, to take action, to make things happen, and to adapt in order to thrive. Working hard and leaving it all at the performance arena are second nature to you. As you be your authentic self, make challenging decisions, and take action, you Better Your Best®.
You involve yourself in ideas and activities that move you toward your richly imagined future, bringing that image to the present in order to give it proper attention. You surround yourself with positive energy and use distractions to stay on track. You are resilient to rise above stress, adversity and setbacks. You learn from the past and otherwise it is not an option. You use pressure and importance to focus forward only and perform. As you engage fully, you are driven by curiosity to create and seek a state of “flow”, “zone” that follows your focus and leads to Better Your Best®.